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  •  100% Custom: Based on your intake, golf fitness assessment, schedule, goals, equipment, etc 
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee: Our standard for all of our services 
  •  In Person or Online: You can work with us 100% remotely or in combination with in person training  
  •  Unlimited Access to Coaches: Receive feedback on technique & questions via text, video and picture  
  •  3 Levels of Service: Meet 1 on 1 virtually with coaches weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis  
  •  Program Updates: Progressed as you improve; Can be modified at any time (schedule, equipment, etc)
  •  Nutrition: Discussed based on your goals, guide for performance included for all clients  
  •  Cancel Anytime/Satisfaction Guaranteed: Integrity is our standard
As Seen On...
These concepts and topics have been presented on by Chris Finn, the Founder of Par4Success, on GolfWRX, 18Strong, peer reviewed journals and even live at the World Golf Fitness Summit put on by the Titleist Performance Institute where he was on of 40 guest presenters selected above hundreds of other industry experts.  

You can rest assured the information here is not just some guy on YouTube with a camera.  This information and our programs have been developed over years of learning and experience in this specific field.
Top Value & Convenience
This course would normally cost anywhere from $49- $99 to do it online, and for an in person educational covering these topics with Chris it would cost you over $250.  

Today this educational course is yours for FREE and it is delivered to your inbox right at your desk so you don't even have to change out of your pajamas.  
Learn from an 
Industry Leader
All of the educational material in these videos and programming we use with all of our online clients is curated and created by Chris Finn, MSPT, CSCS, TPI-MP.  He is an industry leader in the field of golf fitness and the information you are receiving is nothing but the latest sports science research and gold standard.
7 Day Golf Fitness Mini-Course - TOTALLY FREE!
We have over 50 hours of instructional videos for the golfer looking to get fit so they can hit the ball farther, but more importantly play for many more years to come.

This course pulls the most valuable lessons as voted on by our members and delivers them to your inbox for FREE!  

Topics Covered Include:
- Body-Swing Connection
- Speed Development in the Swing
- Injury Prevention
- How to Increase Mobility and Flexibility
- Power Development for Golfers
- and much more...

Lee Weidauer says:

"Par4Success is incredible. They apply a completely science based approach to meeting your individual goals. I am a client that works remotely with Par4Success and through the use of technology it is as close as I can get to being in person as possible. If your goal is to improve your overall health and fitness while also meeting your golf specific goals then Par4Success is the place for you."

Brittany Marchand, LPGA Golfer

"Working with Par4Success has helped me get healthy and stay healthy. Getting fit for golf and better with my nutrition was a key component to my win on the Symetra Tour last year."

John Fahlberg says: 

"Par4Success has the unique ability to assess golfers' swings and then customize Golf Fitness Programs for players to increase distance and prevent injury. As a client, I am thoroughly impressed with them, their education and their commitment to providing first-rate services for golfers."

Erin Singleton says: 

"I really enjoy working with Par4Success every week and working with the team to get bigger, stronger, and faster. The results are fantastic."