More Rounds, More Distance & Less Pain!
"Golf Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand" 
Sam Long,
Single Digit Golfer
"I played in tons of tournaments last summer where I was very successful. Par4Success helped me identify my weak areas and why I couldn't rotate.  They helped me rebuild my body.  If your goal is to play for a long time, Par4Success is the program for you, especially if you are over 50."
How We Work With You Online
  •  100% Custom: Your program will be built based on your initial assessment and fit to your schedule, goals, age and equipment available
  • In Person or Online: We use our online platform to deliver your program to you but you have many options of ways to work with us.  Some players check in with us in person and do the workouts on their own, some players work out at our facility in Raleigh exclusively and others complete their program 100% remotely.  Whatever your situation or need, we can make it happen!
  •  24/7 Access to Coaches: Send us videos of technique, send us questions via text in the app or anything in between.  You have access to us all the time to assure the fastest progress possible. 
  •  3 Levels: Customize your plan to fit you and your lifestyle.  Want weekly 1 on 1 virtual meetings with your coach? How about one virtual meeting/month?  Maybe only on an as needed basis?  We have plans for all of these scenarios to fit your needs and budget.  All plans include unlimited access to our coaches via video and text chats and email!
  •  Updates and reassessments: Depending on your preference we can meet with you weekly, monthly or at some other frequency.  No matter what you prefer, we are always assessing your progress and making sure your program adapts and grows as you do!
  •  Nutrition Plans: If nutrition is a concern for you (it should be if you want to play at the highest level) then we can of course address this with you as well so that feel as good as possible during the round and can make sure you are recovering and preparing properly.
  •  Cancel Anytime/Satisfaction Guaranteed: Integrity is one of our core values.  We don't expect you to pay for anything you're not happy with or isn't working.  We back all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee
"Working with Par4Success has helped me get healthy and stay healthy.  Getting fit for golf and better with my nutrition was a key component to my win on the Symetra Tour last year."
Brittany Marchand, LPGA Golfer
"I really enjoy working with Par4Success every week and working with the team to get bigger, stronger, and faster. The results are fantastic."
Erin Singleton
"Par4Success is incredible. They apply a completely science based approach to meeting your individual goals. I am a client that works remotely with Par4Success and through the use of technology it is as close as I can get to being in person as possible. If your goal is to improve your overall health and fitness while also meeting your golf specific goals then Par4Success is the place for you."
Lee Weidauer, ATC, PhD
Do You Want to Play Better Golf, Hit the Ball Farther and Avoid Injury?
We have been training golfers from around the world for over 6 years now and the results that we have seen are amazing.  Our experience with this niche group of athletes and that fact that we have an actual brick and mortar 6,000 sq/ft facility is unrivaled, especially in the online training world and this gives you a few distinct advantages.  

The thousands of data points that we have collected during our research while working with golfers like you give you unlimited access to cutting edge information that is not otherwise available to the public.  Our expert coaching staff is here for you whenever you need them and for whatever that need may be.  They are able to draw on the experience and research that we have to help you see the quickest results possible.  

If you complete the program as prescribed based on your assessment and our recommendations, you are guaranteed to see improvements in your length off the tee and feel better overall physically.  That is a fact.  

The coolest thing we have seen is that our golfers that we are working with remotely are also seeing these amazing improvements just as our in house golfers.  We weren't sure if it would work when we started training online, but the results have blown away our expectations.

I hope you take advantage of this risk free opportunity to try us out and see just how much of an improvement you can make.  

- Chris Finn, Founder Par4Success